Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Posting Video from Library Conferences?

Follow-up from the previous "TED and Charlie" post:
Is anyone posting videos of the programs being done at library and related conferences?
A cursory search revealed only a handful of videos at

This seems like a no-brainer and as such perhaps it's already being done -but if it isn't, shouldn't we be doing this? As librarians we are all about sharing information (dare I say it's our reason for being!) and capturing and posting this valuable content should be relatively easy.

Does anyone have any insight into any organizations/conferences that might be doing this or will be doing it in the near future? A lot of librarians would love to be able to have access to the great programs being given, but the cost of attending a conference is prohibitive.

Any thoughts on why this shouldn't be done? I guess one might argue that posting programs could cannibalize conference revenue and attendance, but it seems to me the net benefit from distributing this information would be greater.

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Alissa said...

Patrick - My first response to this was NO NO NO! (imagine violent head shaking). As a presenter at state conferences, I don't think I'd like to have been video taped; but as you pointed conference costs are prohibitive to some libraries so on second thought perhaps it's a good idea. I know people are blogging from conferences, and after attending ALA Annual last year, I enjoyed reading about the conference and parts I couldn't experience thru the blog.
I know that for PLA they are holding a Virtual Conference, and it looks as though they're having some video sesssions as well. And it looks as though they're charging for it, so it should not "Cannibalize" their revenue. And really I would pay a fee to be able to access the content, if I wasn't already attending PLA.

Anyway perhaps this trend will be picked up. - Alissa